Who We Are

We Think
Long Term

Our company has grown bigger and stronger over the decades by staying true to our principles: bringing our people home safe, delivering uncompromising quality, investing in the business and taking care of our team and communities.

Our company history spans four generations of family ownership and operation. As a family company committed to our people and our industry for the long term, we make decisions based on the next 100 years, not the next quarter.

Prudence and discipline has given us the financial strength to be granted unlimited bonding capabilities which represents the strong foundation our company continues to build upon.



Dunkirk Roofing and Siding was founded in 1946 by Albert Farrell, the namesake of what is now Farrell Roofing.


Dunkirk Roofing and Siding did its first commercial roofing job. A seed was planted that would eventually grow into the company we are today.


Dunkirk Roofing and Siding became A.W. Farrell & Son Inc. Bill Farrell took over as the 2nd generation family leader and had his eyes on expanding the business.


A.W. Farrell acquired Jameson Roofing in Buffalo, Farrell Roofing bringing into the fold a company that has been a commercial roofer since 1889. This began our relationship with the Local 74 and our journey to becoming one of the largest commercial roofers in Buffalo.

1971 - 2007

A.W. Farrell expanded to Erie, PA and then Cleveland, OH; Las Vegas, NV; and Cincinnati, OH. Partnerships with Local 210 and 12PA in Erie, PA; Local 44 and 33 in Cleveland, OH; Local 162 and 88 in Las Vegas, NV; and Local 42 and 265 have been building ever since.


After a lifetime of service, Bill Farrell passed away marking the end of the 2nd generation of family leadership and four decades of growth, innovation and advancement. Shortly after, John T Farrell took over as the 3rd generation family leader and has been moving the business forward ever since.

In 2016, we started a new branch in the North Country of New York State with Plattsburgh, NY.


After almost fifty years of dedicated service to the commercial roofing industry, John T Farrell retired and passed on the business leadership role to the next generation. John W Farrell leads the business as the President with Marc H Farrell as the Vice President as the 4th generation of family leadership. The two brothers work in tandem with one another to create an environment where all team members are challenged and supported to be successful in their personal and professional endeavors.


We do not compromise on quality. We have installed and mastered virtually every variety of commercial roofing system including the built up systems of old, all single ply systems, all sheet metal systems and most recently, a wide range of fluid applied systems.

Farrell Roofing is one of only 10 commercial roofing companies in New York State to offer an ES-1 certified sheet metal shop.


We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of the communities we serve. We are proud to sponsor local sports teams, donate to local causes, and volunteer for community events.


We are utilizing technology and innovation to amplify our competencies in quality, safety and customer experience. We have in house drone capabilities, paperless software for all service work and the latest construction software to ensure we let the innovations of the future enhance our business.